Kaufmann’s Foot & Body Creme

Kaufmann’s Foot and Body Creme Since 1950, Kaufmann’s Foot & Body Creme has been putting a spring in the step of people of all ages throughout Europe. It’s rich and creamy and goes on smoothly. You’ll feel it soak into your skin right away, leaving you with a gentle tingling sensation that lets you know it’s working.What’s the difference between this and Kaufmann’s Baby & Skin Creme?

Well, some parts of you, like your feet, get beaten up all day long. You wear them out and you feel it. To take care of them, you need something that’s richer and creamier than what you would use on your hands, neck or baby. You need something that will soothe and energize you. That’s a tall order, but Kaufmann’s rose to the challenge and Kaufmann’s Foot & Body Creme has been taking care of Europe’s dry and cracked skin ever since.

[box-simple color=”white”]Want to know one big thing Kaufmann’s Foot & Body Creme has in common with the Baby & Skin Creme?
Ever since we created it, it’s never needed updating – not the all natural ingredients, not the way we make it by hand and not the tin we pour it into.[/box-simple]


Petroleum jelly


Zinc Oxide

Essential oils of

  • Lemon & other citrus
  • Bergamot
  • Pelargonium
  • Rose
  • Geranium

Essence of flowers and herbs
for fragrance.


  • A little goes a long way – that’s good old German efficiency for you!
  • Safe for kids and adults alike.
  • Try it on your feet, legs, arms (especially those dry knees & elbows you keep trying to hide!) and hands.
  • For extra dry and cracked skin, try putting some on at night. You’ll wake up glad you did.


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  • D Lopmeier
    09 Jan 2014

    I live in Toronto, Canada, and the winter this year has been severe. Due to the cold, wind chill and dry climate indoors due to forced-air heating, my lips became terribly chapped. They would peel consistently and often bleed. No matter what cream/ointment I used or was recommended, NOTHING worked. Last night, out of pure frustration, after putting Kaufmann’s Fuss and Korper Creme on my hands and feet I also included my lips. This morning I awoke to healed and perfect lips! For those of you suffering from peeling/chapped/bleeding lips–try Kaufman’s from lips to toes! Hip hip hurray! Thank you for a superior product.

  • Kaufmann's Creme USA
    10 Jan 2014

    Thanks! We’re so glad we can help you fight the Polar Vortex. Stay warm and moisturized out there.

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